China Inspection Services
Price of quality control inspection services and audit services in China.

Pricing and Payment Terms

The table below indicates Richforth’s standard, all-inclusive prices for quality control and audit services in China.

All below quotation is based on payment via , which is the faster and cheaper payment way for small amount transaction.

CategoryPrice per man-day(US$/man-day)Remark
In-Production Inspection (IPI)118.00 
Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)118.00 
Container Loading Supervision118.00 
Factory Audit(FA)118.00 
Social Accountability Audit118.00 
Laboratory TestingPlease contact us for specific prices 

All-inclusive price includes:

Services fee
Traveling cost
Accommodation fee

Payment Terms

 Full pay at least 3 days before the inspection date

 Accept the payment by  PayPal; Accept the payment by Telegraphic Transfer(T/T): All banking charges outside China are for your account. Please mention this to your bank when you arrange the payment. Bank information will be indicated in Richforth’s invoice.


Just wanted to say thank you for your Amazon FBA products inspection report. It allowed us to avoid purchasing faulty goods from China. Please pass my thank you to all involved in the inspection.

Yehudi Dul

Sourcing Manager, WeServe LLC.

Very good job Very accurate and the analysis was exactly as requested After your Amazon FBA proudcts inspection services we did a conference call with the supplier and all defect points were discussed and follow below the results of our discussion based on RichForth report This can show how your team's work is important for development and protect our import from China Thanks

Calvert James

Sourcing Manager,